How to add link to flash banner


I am primarily a developer and dont know to use Adobe Flash CS4. Is there a simple way to add link to flash banner. I have .flv file with some items in Library and two layers.
Please, give me step by step instructions.

Edit: I find simple solution, by steps:

  1. Go to File -> Publish settings and set ActionScript version to ActionScript 2.0
  2. Insert new layer
  3. Create a square with Rectangle tool, that is larger than banner
  4. Right click on square and chose Convert to symbol… In popup windows chose Type: Button
  5. Double click on new button from Library panel and move select from Up to Hit and than go back to main scene
  6. Right click on new blue square and chose Actions and paste this code in soruce editor:

    on (release) {
        getURL("", "_blank");
  7. Close source editor and export file as movie (File->Export->Export Movie).

Best Solution

If you have a flash FLA file that shows the FLV movie you can add a button inside the FLA file. This button can be given an action to load the URL.

on (release) {

To make the button transparent you can place a square inside it that is moved to the hit-area frame of the button.

I think it would go too far to explain into depth with pictures how to go about in stackoverflow.

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