How to change font for UTF-8 encoded pages in Internet Explorer 8


In Internet Options dialog I can set font for various "Language scripts" (read: encodings), but there is no option to set font for UTF-8 encoded pages, and for such pages Internet Explorer renders some awful font for unknown reason to me.

How can I set font for UTF-8 encoded pages in Internet Explorer 8?

Best Solution

Following on from the comment:

There are 2 things happening here:

  1. Encoding of the page in UTF-8 to support multi-byte characters(non-English letters) display.

  2. Fonts trying to be applied to these UNICODE characters.

Now, issue is with #2. All the fonts don't support all unicode characters. For ex: If the webpage is displaying Simplified Chinese and the font set in the browser don't support the script, your webpage will look weird.

One solutions to this is to set font which supports most of unicode characters. For ex: Arial Unicode MS. This font supports most of the unicode characters.

Moral of the story, you need to take care of 2 things while displaying unicode characters,

  1. Proper supporting encoding scheme. ie: UTF-8

  2. Fonts which support these UNICODE characters.