How to convert a string version value to a numerical value in Inno Setup Scripts


I want to develop a setup package for conditionally upgrading an existing package. I want to check the existing software version against to-be-installed version. In order to do that, I have to compare the version strings.

How can I convert the string value to a numerical value in a Inno setup script?

RegQueryStringValue(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, 'Software\Blah blah', 'Version', version)
version = 'V1.R2.12';
numVersion := ??string_to_numerical_value??(version);

Best Solution

This is a little more tricky, as you would want to handle versions like 'V1.R2.12' and 'V0.R15.42' correctly - with the simple conversion in the other answer you would get 1212 and 1542, which would not compare the way you would expect.

You need to decide how big each part of the version number can be, and multiply the parts by that value to get a correct end number. Something like this:

function string_to_numerical_value(AString: string; AMaxVersion: LongWord): LongWord;
  InsidePart: boolean;
  NewPart: LongWord;
  CharIndex: integer;
  c: char;
  Result := 0;
  InsidePart := FALSE;
  // this assumes decimal version numbers !!!
  for CharIndex := 1 to Length(AString) do begin
    c := AString[CharIndex];
    if (c >= '0') and (c <= '9') then begin
      // new digit found
      if not InsidePart then begin
        Result := Result * AMaxVersion + NewPart;
        NewPart := 0;
        InsidePart := TRUE;
      NewPart := NewPart * 10 + Ord(c) - Ord('0');
    end else
      InsidePart := FALSE;
  // if last char was a digit the last part hasn't been added yet
  if InsidePart then
    Result := Result * AMaxVersion + NewPart;

You can test this with the following code:

function InitializeSetup(): Boolean;
  if string_to_numerical_value('V1.R2.12', 1) < string_to_numerical_value('V0.R15.42', 1) then
    MsgBox('Version ''V1.R2.12'' is not as recent as version ''V0.R15.42'' (false)', mbConfirmation, MB_OK);
  if string_to_numerical_value('V1.R2.12', 100) > string_to_numerical_value('V0.R15.42', 100) then
    MsgBox('Version ''V1.R2.12'' is more recent than version ''V0.R15.42'' (true)', mbConfirmation, MB_OK);
  Result := FALSE;

Whether you pass 10, 100 or 1000 for AMaxVersion depends on the number and range of your version number parts. Note that you must not overflow the LongWord result variable, which has a maximum value of 2^32 - 1.

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