How to create a Document Property editable within the text in Word 2016


I am creating a template document and I want to add a new/custom Document Property item that can be edited from the text like those available in the Insert > Quick Parts > Document Property menu.

Help on the Web shows how to create a Document Property which can be placed in the text as a greyed field that can be updated. However, the value of the document property is only editable in the "Advanced Properties" of the File > Info menu.

I want to create a Field which the user of the Word Document can easily edit on within the text. An example of this is in the image attached for the "Document Title" field.

The scope is that this document property can then be used as a field in headers/footers etc that has the value of what is inputted in the Control Field. Typical fields I want to add are: 'Report Number', 'Name of Client', etc.

Does anyone know how to create these fields?

Example of the Control Field that I want to create

Best Solution

Insert > Quick Parts > Document Property does not insert fields. What it inserts is, as shown in your screenshot, a content control that is mapped to an xml part.

If you want to add your own custom properties you will need to create your own Custom XML Part and map the content controls in your document to it. If you do not know how to do this you may find the info on Greg Maxey's website helpful

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