How to create a hyperlink from Word to Excel specific cell, without macros/vba


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I would like to know the correct syntax to hyperlink to a specific cell in an Excel Workbook from a Word document.

For example: Say I am in word document "Explaining" and I want to insert a hyperlink to the Excel file DataStuff, but to Cell ZX200. How would I do this manually, without VBA/MACROS?

I already know that to hyperlink to DataStuff I would type


Then hit ENTER. (It then becomes an underlined hyperlink. Clicking on it opens DataStuff)

However, I want to add the fact that it should goto cell ZX200, not just open DataStuff at cell A1. The following does NOT work. Can someone fix the syntax for me?

    Does not work:

I don't get how the Excel to Word question was answered in about 10 minutes, and my Word to Excel question accumulated crickets and tumbleweed. No MS Word experts??

I've figured it out after browsing many useless, and one useful document. The correct syntax is:


That should be typed into your word document, and will go to cell ZX200 in worksheet Sheet1 in Excel. Using the information fro the hyperlink I had in my question, you now have a wonderful BIJECTION between Word and Excel hyperlinking. So that when you send people somewhere, you can also send them back!

Best Solution

All you need to do is copy the cell in Excel that you want to reference, then in Word, in the location where you want the link to be, you will 'Paste Special' > 'Link & Merge Formatting'

What then happens is a Field is inserted in Word (that won't look like a hyperlink, but will be greyed out if the cursor is placed in the text). This field can link back to the specific cell in the Excel file by doing the following steps:

  1. Right-click on the field
  2. Then select Linked Worksheet Object > Open Link

Your Excel file should open up to the desired cell.

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