How to do when ‘svn cleanup’ fails


I have a lot of changes in a working folder, and something screwed up trying to do an update.

Now when I issue an 'svn cleanup' I get:

>svn cleanup .
svn: In directory '.'
svn: Error processing command 'modify-wcprop' in '.'
svn: 'MemPoolTests.cpp' is not under version control

MemPoolTests.cpp is a new file another developer added and was brought down in the update. It did not exist in my working folder before.

Is there anything I can do to try and move forward without having to checkout a fresh copy of the repository?

Clarification: Thanks for the suggestions about moving the directory out of the way and bringing down a new copy. I know that is an option, but it is one I'd like to avoid since there are many changes nested several directories deep (this should have been a branch…)

I'm hoping for a more aggressive way of doing the cleanup, maybe someway of forcing the file SVN is having trouble with back into a known state (and I tried deleting the working copy of it … that didn't help).

Best Solution

When starting all over is not an option...

I deleted the log file in the .svn directory (I also deleted the offending file in .svn/props-base), did a cleanup, and resumed my update.