How to find the Subversion server version number


I want to know if my server is running Subversion 1.5.

How can I find that out?

Also would be nice to know my SVN client version number. svn help hasn't been helpful.

Note: I don't want my project's revision number, etc. This question is about the Subversion software itself.

Best Solution

To find the version of the subversion REPOSITORY you can:

  1. Look to the repository on the web and on the bottom of the page it will say something like:
    "Powered by Subversion version 1.5.2 (r32768)."
  2. From the command line: <insert curl, grep oneliner here>

If not displayed, view source of the page

<svn version="1.6.13 (r1002816)" href=""> 

Now for the subversion CLIENT:

svn --version

will suffice