How to print all rows in one page with Crystal Reports


I am using Crystal Reports 2011. I am totally new to crystal reports and reporting tools in general. I just added my data fields to the details section, but instead of showing all the rows in one page, a new page is created for each row. I did not use any grouping or change the section paging settings.

This only happens for a blank report, when using the report wizard it works fine, but I can't see the difference between what I did and what the report wizard did.

Best Solution

The problem seems to have been a mix up with the sections, I've understood how these work now and got it to work. Thanks for the help.

I had 2 details section, so for every row in details1 it also displayed the information of details2 (which I only wanted to appear once). So I moved the data of details2 into a report footer.

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