How to rename the CVS project


I just started using CVS to manage my source files. After finishing my school assignment, I found out that I had used the wrong project name in my cvsroot. Since the submit system is looking for a specific project name in the directory, it denies my submission although my source files are all in that directory. Is there a way to change the name of the project in CVS? Thanks!

Best Solution

  1. Make sure everything is checked in, and best to coordinate this with any other users
  2. If you are in Eclipse, close the project (optional)
  3. On the cvs server, rename the directory name for your project in CVSROOT to whatever you want (mv existing_directory new_directory)
  4. Back on the cvs client, import the project as usual (it will be a new project, of course, named new_directory in this example)
  5. (Optional) Delete the old directory on the client once you are sure all the files made it (highly likely!)

NOTE: Of course, any other projects referencing the old directory name will be "broken" and have to now reference the new directory name

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