How to retrieve element text inside CDATA markup via XPath


Consider the following xml fragment:


How do I retrieve the "SomeText" value via XPath? I'm using Nauman Leghari's (excellent) Visual XPath tool.
/Obj/Name returns the element
/Obj/Name/text() returns blank

I don't think its a problem with the tool (I may be wrong) – I also read XPath can't extract CDATA (See last response in this thread) – which sounds kinda weird to me.

Best Solution

/Obj/Name/text() is the XPath to return the content of the CDATA markup.

What threw me off was the behavior of the Value property. For an XMLNode (DOM world), the XmlNode.Value property of an Element (with CDATA or otherwise) returns Null. The InnerText property would give you the CDATA/Text content. If you use Xml.Linq, XElement.Value returns the CDATA content.

string sXml = @"

XmlDocument xmlDoc = new XmlDocument();
xmlDoc.LoadXml( sXml );
XmlNamespaceManager nsMgr = new XmlNamespaceManager(xmlDoc.NameTable);

Console.WriteLine(@"XPath = /object/name" );
WriteNodesToConsole(xmlDoc.SelectNodes("/object/name", nsMgr));

Console.WriteLine(@"XPath = /object/name/text()" );
WriteNodesToConsole( xmlDoc.SelectNodes("/object/name/text()", nsMgr) );

Console.WriteLine(@"Xml.Linq = obRoot.Elements(""name"")");
XElement obRoot = XElement.Parse( sXml );
WriteNodesToConsole( obRoot.Elements("name") );


XPath = /object/name
        NodeType = Element
        Value = <null>
        OuterXml = <name><![CDATA[SomeText]]></name>
        InnerXml = <![CDATA[SomeText]]>
        InnerText = SomeText

        NodeType = Element
        Value = <null>
        OuterXml = <name>OtherName</name>
        InnerXml = OtherName
        InnerText = OtherName

XPath = /object/name/text()
        NodeType = CDATA
        Value = SomeText
        OuterXml = <![CDATA[SomeText]]>
        InnerXml =
        InnerText = SomeText

        NodeType = Text
        Value = OtherName
        OuterXml = OtherName
        InnerXml =
        InnerText = OtherName

Xml.Linq = obRoot.Elements("name")
        Value = SomeText
        Value = OtherName

Turned out the author of Visual XPath had a TODO for the CDATA type of XmlNodes. A little code snippet and I have CDATA support now. alt text


private void Xml2Tree( TreeNode tNode, XmlNode xNode)
   case XmlNodeType.CDATA:
      //MessageBox.Show("TODO: XmlNodeType.CDATA");
      // Gishu                    
      TreeNode cdataNode = new TreeNode("![CDATA[" + xNode.Value + "]]");
      cdataNode.ForeColor = Color.Blue;
      cdataNode.NodeFont = new Font("Tahoma", 12);
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