How to skip existing and/or same size files when using robocopy


I have this code:

@echo on
set source="R:\Contracts\"
set destination="R:\Contracts\Sites"

::Not sure if this is needed
::It guarantees you have a canonical path (standard form)
for %%F in (%destination%) do set destination="%%~fF"

for /r %source% %%F in (.) do if "%%~fF" neq %destination% ROBOCOPY "%%F" %destination% *.srt *.pdf *.mp4 *.jpg /COPYALL /R:0


I am not sure if the code above has "SKIP commands" if file exists / or skip if file is the same size?

Best Solution

Do you want to exclude files of the same size, or files that haven't changed? If it's the latter, use the /XO switch in RoboCopy to exclude files that are older than those they're being copied over.

RoboCopy "%%F" %destination% *.srt *.pdf *.mp4 *.jpg /COPYALL /XO /R:0
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