How to take screenshot of whole web page, rather than what shows on the screen


I have a web page that doesnt fit screen in normal resolution, so I have to scroll to view it all. I want to take a screenshot that captures the whole page, and not just what shows on the screen. How can I do that.

Currently, I press F11, then zoom out till the whole page fits one screen (and consequently no scrollbar shows), then I press printscreen. I want to be able to capture the whole web page without needing to zoom out and without it fitting the screen, so that the image will have more detail and would be longer. Is there any free tool that can do that, or is there a paid tool for it? Or is there a simple shortcut to do that?

Edit: My current problem is solved as I am using Screengrab to capture web screenshots now. But is there a more general tool that will capture screenshots of other documents like adobe documents?

Best Solution

There was a similar question here: Take a full page screenshot with Firefox.

To summarize, in recent versions of Firefox you can grab the whole web page in two steps:

  1. Shift+F2 (this opens up the Firefox console)
  2. screenshot --fullpage
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