How to upgrade Julia to a new release


Question 1 – upgrade

I'm using v"0.3.8" on Windows. I found from

Current Release (v0.3.9)

I know I could download the prebuild version and install again. Is there a way to upgrade (from current installed version) to the new version?

There's Pkg.update(), it runs for a long time without any output – it doesn't work in this way.

From the documentation:

update() Update package the metadata repo – kept in
Pkg.dir("METADATA") – then update any fixed packages that can safely
be pulled from their origin; then call Pkg.resolve() to determine a
new optimal set of packages versions.

So it is not the right tool to upgrade the language itself.

Question 2 – Release Note

Is there such a thing as ReleaseNote or ChangeList? Or any hightlight on major change?

(I understand that the language hasn't reached v1.0. If there is a place to find major change/improvement, that's good. If not, that's fine.)

Best Solution

How to upgrade Julia:

Windows & MacOS & Linux

The most trivial way of upgrading Julia is to go to the download page and manually install corresponding binaries. (UPDATE: if you're on old Julia, e.g. v0.6)If you're going to upgrade Julia to a new minor version(e.g. v0.5=>v0.6), you could easily reinstall your old packages by the following steps(Julia-v1.0 shipped with the new package manager, so there is no such hassle):

  1. julia> using Pkg # Pkg.init() if needed
  2. copy REQUIRE file from package directory of the old version to the new one (in this example from .julia/v0.5 to .julia/v0.6) overwriting the existing file
  3. julia> Pkg.resolve() # or Pkg.update()


If you're using Homebrew and homebrew-julia, please follow the instructions here.


Use abelsiqueira's installer jill.

To OP's Question

1.Pkg.update() is used for updating Julia's packages, not Julia itself, so downloading the prebuild version and reinstalling seems to be the only way to upgrade Julia for now. Or you could build Julia from source following the instructions here.

2.The release notes are listed here:

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