How to web deploy from Visual Studio 2013 to


I am looking for help with the Web Deploy tool in Visual Studio for Web 2013 using as the host provider. I bought hosting space and linked a domain name to that hosting space.

I have a web forms solution I created in Visual Studio for Web 2013 and would like to now use the web deploy tool to deploy my ASP.NET website to this hosting space for the whole world wide web to see. This solution also has a small database, which I would also like to create on that hosting space.

What I am confused about is what exactly to enter in the fields of the Server, Site name, and Destination URL in the web deploy tool.

enter image description here

Imagine that my website is called '' and my username is 'awesomedude', what should I enter into those fields above?

Best Solution

Question #1:

Go to: "Web Sites and Domains"

Web Deploy Publishing Settings

Import deployment settings

Complete with your plesk  admin password

Thats it!