Html – Change cursor to hand when mouse goes over a row in table


How do I change the cursor pointer to hand when my mouse goes over a <tr> in a <table>

<table class="sortable" border-style:>
    <th class="tname">Name</th><th class="tage">Age</th>
  <tr><td class="tname">Jennifer</td><td class="tage">24</td></tr>
  <tr><td class="tname">Kate</td><td class="tage">36</td></tr>
  <tr><td class="tname">David</td><td class="tage">25</td></tr>
  <tr><td class="tname">Mark</td><td class="tage">40</td></tr>

Best Solution

You can do this with CSS actually.

.sortable tr {
    cursor: pointer;