Html – Display of units in HTML stepper


I want the user to enter numbers with a unit such as "cm", "kg" or "$". This can be done in jQuery UI: Example

enter image description here

However, I would like to implement it in pure html, such as:

  display: inline;

  content: "€";
  margin-left: -40px;
<div><input placeholder="5 €" type="number" step="1"></div>

<div><input placeholder="5 €" type="number" step="1" unit="€"></div><!-- NOT working -->

<div class="euro-sign"><input placeholder="5" type="number" step="1"></div><!-- Workaround -->

Is there a more native way for doing it (like example 2) or do I have to implement the workaround (example 3)?

Best Solution

$(".original input").on("change", function(){
    $(".duplicate input").val(this.value + '€');
$(".duplicate input").on("change", function(){
    $(".original input").val(this.value.substring(0, this.value.length - 1));
.duplicate {
    position: relative;
    top: -20px;
    left: 2px;
    float: left;
.duplicate input {
    width: 145px;
    border: none;
<script src=""></script>
<div class="euro-sign">
    <div class="original">
        <input type="number" step="1"/>
    <div class="duplicate">
        <input type="text" value="0€"/>