Html – Display slideshow of Private Photosets from Flickr


I have a number of photo sets that are marked as private on Flickr. I have a website and I would like to display all of them as Flash Sideshow.

I am currently using Flickr.NET open source library and I have created a web application to retrieve the list of all the photo sets. I can use other methods to display photos but I really like the embed slideshow feature of Flickr.

Hence my question – How should I code the Embed to display private photosets without making my photos as public ?

Best Solution

You can't do it using the standard Flickr embed:

All the embed parameters outlined here:

I think the only way you can do this is to build it yourself using the Flickr.Net library. You'll need to authenticate with the Flickr API to access your private photos.

I assume from your question that the slideshow containign private photos must be going on a secured private website, otherwise you would just make the photos public?

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