Html – Div with horizontal scrolling only


I have a fixed width DIV containing a table with many columns, and need to allow the user to scroll the table horizontally within the DIV.

This needs to work on IE6 and IE7 only (internal client application).

The following works in IE7:

overflow-x: scroll;

Can anyone help with a solution that works in IE6 as well?

Best Solution

The solution is fairly straight forward. To ensure that we don't impact the width of the cells in the table, we'll turn off white-space. To ensure we get a horizontal scroll bar, we'll turn on overflow-x. And that's pretty much it:

.container {
    width: 30em;
    overflow-x: auto;
    white-space: nowrap;

You can see the end-result here, or in the animation below. If the table determines the height of your container, you should not need to explicitly set overflow-y to hidden. But understand that is also an option.

enter image description here