Html – How to ensure Visual Studio 2005 displays the tables and images correctly


I have used Photoshop CS2's "Save for Web" feature to create a table of images for my site layout.

This HTML appears fine in a web browser, however when imported into Visual Studio and viewed in the site designer, the metrics are wrong and there are horizontal gaps between images (table cells).

The output from Photoshop does not refer to any stylesheets.
The table attributes set border, cellpadding and cellspacing to 0.

Here is how it looks in the Designer:

alt text

And here is how it looks in the browser:

alt text

Is Visual Studio picky about layout of tables and images? Is this a bug in Visual Studio 2005?

Best Solution

Personally i have never trusted and rarely use the design view in Visual studio and generally have it set to the code view for all pages. I tend to keep working versions of files open in IE and Firefox to enable me to see their layout however this can cause issues when trying to view multi-step forms etc. In these cases i always tend to put some code in place to enable me to select which state / step i wish to see without going through all the rigmorals of going through each step to test it.

Remember that in VS you can right click on a file in the project explorer and select to view it in a web browser. you can also add various different browsers to VS preferences allowing you to select the browser you wish to see the file in.

I realise that this is not an anwser but hope it is useful.