Html – How to get centered content using Twitter Bootstrap


I'm trying to follow a very basic example. Using the starter page and the grid system, I was hoping the following:

<div class="row">
  <div class="span12">
    <h1>Bootstrap starter template</h1>
    <p>Example text.</p>

…would produce centered text.

However, it still appears on the far left. What am I doing wrong?

Best Solution

This is for Text Centering (which is what the question was about)

For other types of content, see Flavien's answer.

Update: Bootstrap 2.3.0+ Answer

The original answer was for an early version of bootstrap. As of bootstrap 2.3.0, you can simply give the div the class .text-center.

Original Answer (pre 2.3.0)

You need to define one of the two classes, row or span12 with a text-align: center. See or