Html – How to implement a search in a HTML site


I am really wondering if i can use search for a HTML website. The pages are static. I just want the users to able to search for contents of my site. and the results shown with in my site itself. Is there anyway i can achieve this. I can use PHP on my server.
Google search can be implemented but it takes you to google's page to show the results

Best Solution

  1. You're better off not creating your own search engine - there's loads of good ones that can be integrated into your site, which will be better than you can write yourself.
  2. Google is the most popular search engine, so you might as well use that. As an alternative to customising the html results page, you could use the Google AJAX Search API - this does your search, and inserts the results to a specific element on your page. (DON'T forget people with javascript turned off, however...)