Css – How to split a string (e.g. a long URL) in a table cell using CSS


Here's the situation: I'm trying my hand at some MySpace page customisations. If you've ever tried [stackoverflow], I'm sure you understand how frustrating it can be.
Basically it can be all customised via CSS, within a certain set of rules (e.g. the '#' character is not allowed…how useful!).
Have a look at this blog if you want more info, I used it as the basis for my customisations

So the only problem is with the comments section, where 'friends' post whatever they feel like.
It already has…


…set on the table, but I've discovered if long URLs are posted in the comment section, it blows out the table width, regardless of the max setting!

Question: Is there a way to manage text that is going to push the width of the table?
Perhaps splitting/chopping the string? Or is there more I should be doing..?
The URLs are posted as text, not hrefs.

Using Firefox and Firebug btw.

Edit: Also javascript is not allowed 😉

Another edit Just checked with IE7, and it seems to work.. so firefox is being the hassle in this case..

Best Solution

Have you tried the various values for the "overflow" css property? I think that may do what you need in some permutation.