Html – IE Input Select Box


I'm looking for the easiest solution to fixing a problem I have in Internet Explorer (6,7 & 8), be it CSS or using jQuery. I have a SELECT Input with a defined width (because of where it sits in the layout). Because of the defined width select is cut off from showing their full values, unlike in Firefox & Safari where they are automatically resized to show the whole length of the value..

Surely this is a common problem? Any ideas?

example code:

<select id="Grouping_662066" class="productSelectInput" name="AddToCart_Grouping" onchange="DrawProduct(36331,662066,this.value,'',true);">

I'm using a CMS system the class 'productSelectInput' is the only identifier what will be consistand across the website. The ID, name and onchange properties will change.

Best Solution

Here is information and a solution using jQuery.