Html – .Net WebBrowser.DocumentText Isn’t Changing!


In my program, I am using a webbrowser to show the user an HTML preview. I was previously hitting a server to grab the HTML, then returning on an asynchronous thread and raising an event to populate the WebBrowser.DocumentText with the HTML string I was returning.

Now I set it up to grab all of the information on the client, without ever having to hit the server, and I'm trying to raise the same event. I watch the code go through, and it has the HTML string correct and everything, but when I try to do

browser.DocumentText = _emailHTML

the contents of DocumentText remain as "<HTML></HTML>"

I was just wondering why the DocumentText was not being set. Anyone have any suggestions?

Best Solution

Try the following:

HtmlDocument doc = browser.Document;
browser.DocumentText = _emailHTML;

I've found that the WebBrowser control usually needs to be initialized to about:blank anyway. The same needs to be done between navigates to different types of content (like text/xml to text/html) because the renderer is different (mshtml for text/html, something else for text/xml).