Html – Set a div width, align div center and text align left


I have a small problem but I can't get it solved.
I have a content header of 864px width, a background image repeated-y and footer image.
Now I have this <div> over the background image and I want it to be like 855px width and the text align left but yet aligned center so it fits in the bg.

I once had it oke width some padding left but I figured out that was the correct padding for my screen resolution.

Soo briefly it is:
Setting a div width – align the div center – align its text (content) left.

Best Solution

Set auto margins on the inner div:

<div id="header" style="width:864px;">
    <div id="centered" style="margin: 0 auto; width:855px;"></div>

Alternatively, text align center the parent, and force text align left on the inner div:

<div id="header" style="width:864px;text-align: center;">
    <div id="centered" style="text-align: left; width:855px;"></div>