Html – What browsers does AngularJS work with


This can be a most common question. But no any clue about browser versions. More over, Angular site itself says as following.

What browsers does Angular work with?

We run our extensive test suite against the following browsers: the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Safari for iOS, as well as Internet Explorer versions 9-11. See Internet Explorer Compatibility for more details on supporting legacy IE browsers.

If a browser is untested, it doesn't mean it won't work. You can also expect browsers to work that share a large part of their codebase with a browser we test, such as Opera 15 or newer (uses the Blink engine), or the various Firefox derivatives.

— AngularJS FAQ – What browsers does AngularJS work with?

However, there is no any note which versions are supported. I googled, but couldn't find. Any one let me know what browsers and their versions do support which version of angular ?

Best Solution

Browser support of AngularJS:

Internet Explorer: 9+

Versions 1.2 and later of AngularJS do not support Internet Explorer versions 6 or 7.
Versions 1.3 and later of AngularJS dropped support for Internet Explorer 8.

Opera 15+

Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome

As mentioned in a StackOverflow Question here: Which versions of firefox does angularjs support?, since they say which IE version they support and not Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, it's safe to assume all the versions are working.