Html – What’s the difference between IFrame and Frame


Looking at options for embedding the 3D Secure page inside my own order form, I came across the following:

"Some commerce sites will devote the full browser page to the authentication rather than using a frame (not necessarily an iFrame, which is a less secure object anyway)."


Can someone give me the lowdown as to why iframes are less secure, and cause problems, as opposed to normal frames? And what are the basic differences?

The way I see it, iframe is the way to go.

Best Solution

The difference is an iframe is able to "float" within content in a page, that is you can create an html page and position an iframe within it. This allows you to have a page and place another document directly in it. A frameset allows you to split the screen into different pages (horizontally and vertically) and display different documents in each part.

Read IFrames security summary.