Html – Why does HTML5 form-validation allow emails without a dot


I'm writing a very simple mock-up to demonstrate some HTML5 form-validation. However, I noticed the email validation doesn't check for a dot in the address, nor does it check for characters following said dot.

In other words, "john@doe" is considered valid, when it's clearly not a valid email address; "doe" isn't a domain.

This is how I'm coding my email field:

<input type="email" required />

Is that not enough?

Check this fiddle to see what I mean.

Note: I know how to accomplish this via a RegEx pattern instead. I'm just wondering how someone could get away with using the email type instead.

Best Solution

You can theoretically have an address without a "." in.

Since technically things such as:


Are all valid emails.

So the standard HTML5 validation allows for all valid E-mails, including the uncommon ones.

For some easy to read explanations (Instead of reading through the standards):