Html – XHTML and code inside textareas


On a site of mine in which a textarea is used for submission, I have code that can appear something along the lines of the following:


When validating (XHTML 1.0 Transitional), this error arises,

line 88 column 50 - Error: document type does not allow element "p" here

If this is not a valid method, then what is expected? I could do a workaround with an onload JavaScript event, but that seems needless. Regardless this doesn't affect the output, but I'd rather my site validate.

Best Solution

is there a reason you're trying to put a <p> within <textarea>? as you found out it's not valid. if it's for display purposes (ie, showing code) it should be translated:


beyond validation issues, allowing arbitrary tags (which are not properly encoded as above) to display can be a huge security issue. it's paramount to make sure any user supplied input has been properly sanitized before it is displayed.

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