IBM Cognos Report Studio: Combining multiple tuples in order to create one intersection


I am consuming dimensional data (TM1 cubes) with Report Studio.
I want to combine the slice given by two (or more) tuple calls. This is because I want to include two elements from the same dimension that is not logically structured in a dimensional hierarchy.
An example would be if I wanted to have combine the actuals for 2012 and 2013 without first making separate data items for both.
Then I would have two expressions:

tuple([Actuals], [2012])
tuple([Actuals], [2013])

To illustrate what I want, I would ideally be able to write something similar to these suggestions:

tuple([Actuals], [2012], [2013])
tuple([Actuals], set([2012], [2013]))

However, these suggestions do not work. Hence, I was wondering if there is any other way of combining the slices given by two or more tuple calls, as described earlier in this post.
Thanks in advance!

Best Solution

Combining different elements from 1 dimension means addressing 2 different cells (2012, 2013 in your example) and then doing something (summing up?) to their values. Tuple function always addresses a single cell, making your idea impossible.

But combining values for different tuples is usually something along the lines: tuple([Actuals], [2012]) + tuple([Actuals], [2013])


total ([Actuals] within set([2012],[2013]))

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