IE Popup is blocked in WATIN (Help Required)


I have a page in which i have a link button.When i click on the link button a popup will appear,but the same if i do through "watin" , the popup is blocked and is showing the message "popup is blocked.Press "Ctrl" key to to allow the popup" is coming.

Through watin automation i am not able to get the pop up on click of a link button but if i click manually the popup is coming.I am sick and tired of searching for solution 🙁 could anyone please help me.

Code is given below

Link link = myIE.Span(Find.ByText("hello"));
//here the popup is not coming


Best Solution

Presumably you have disabled the built-in IE pop-up blocker, which is why it's working manually...

Do you have any other IE toolbars installed, such as Google, Yahoo or MSN? Toolbars and other mystery pop-up blockers have been known to do this with Watin.

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