IIS 7 application automatically redirecting


I have 2 servers, server A and server B. Both have IIS7 and same OS. I published through my VS2008 the same website on both servers. the problem is on one the application in IIS7 website works on the other it doesnt.
Server A – IIS7 – WebsiteA – Application (Works)
Server B – IIS7 – WebsiteA – Application (Does not work)

what are the things that i could be missing to configure IIS7 in server B ?

Best Solution

You need to find out what machine the IP Address is referring to.

It's possible you have firewall's, routers, and host configuration files which are effecting this.

Run a tracert to your server, and to the ip address and see where your route is going wrong.
Check you don't have multiple IP Addresses assigned to the same machine.

If you can, ask a member of your network team to help you out.
To help you more, we need to know the details of your infrastructure.