Indexes on BigQuery Table


I have a use case in which we have a few tables in BigQuery.
Now I want to implement an index on one of the columns in the BigQuery table.
But I am not finding enough documentation to do that. I found a few blogs and posts mentioning BigQuery doesn't support indexes.
Please help me find a blog or post which can help me in implementing index on BigQuery. Thanks in advance.

Best Solution

2019 update: Check out how clusters improve your querying times and data scanned:

As stated in the comments this question is associated with "how would BigQuery deal with my data if it was a 100 times larger". When dealing with traditional databases an index is the right solution, but BigQuery is different: As data size grows, BigQuery adds more servers to the mix - keeping performance almost constant.

In other words, as your data grows you should expect costs to increase linearly, with performance staying almost constant. No indexes needed. And this is one of the big reasons why people choose BigQuery for their analytical workloads.

(It all depends on your specific use case of course, please test these assertions and report back!)

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