Installing an extension using vqmod


I recently installed VQmod for opencart and I've tried to add my first vQmod xml file.
The VQmod installation was successful and I see the message


when I visit the /vqmod/install/ URL as expected

The extension I tried to install can be found here

I added the xml file to the root folder of my site and the /vqmod/xml/ folder but I don't see a change. No new module appears in the modules page and I don't see the extension working as expected. I also don't get any error messages

Best Solution

The file needs to be in the /vqmod/xml/ folder as you've rightly done (the root of the folder one can be deleted as it's not required). As for the mod not showing up, vQmods don't add modules to anywhere - they virtually edit files in certain spots. From the looks of the extension you need to go to CATALOG > PRODUCTS in your admin and then you will notice you can edit products there. A few of things to check

  • You are using the correct version for your OpenCart install and that it is compatible
    • If you don't, you'll need to get that version instead
  • You have files in /vqmod/vqcache/ and that if you delete them and refresh your OpenCart store, the files regenerate
    • If they don't, check the permissions on the directory and that you have the OpenCart version of vQmod, including the /vqmod/xml/vqmod_opencart.xml file
  • You have no errors from the mod (see /vqmod/logs/ followed by the day name such as Tue.log)
    • If you do, contact the developer to get a fix if they can. Remember that while vQmods can work well together, that depends largely on the competence of the developer to make it as dynamic as possible. Conflicts can always occur however
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