Intellij-idea – Worth Upgrading from Intellij Idea7 to Idea8


I use Intellij Idea 7 for Java dev. My dev is 'limited' to all J2SE features plus light JSP, Servlets, and super light usage of JPA. No J2EE, no massive use of random frameworks, etc.

Is it worth upgrading to ver 8? "Worth it" to me means better "core functionality" in terms of speed (ESPECIALLY startup speed), memory utilization (seems like it starts having serious problems with four or more projects open), and auto bug-finding.
More frameworks supported and more languages supported (other than perhaps Haskell and C++), and more refactorings don't interest me at this time.

A while back, I installed a preview version of 8 and it seemed -exactly- the same as 7, as far as my needs were concerned.

Anyone loving the upgrade to 8, and if so, why?


Best Solution

It also seems to be easier to configure a new project over top of a complex collection of existing code.

For example, something that you would naturally configure into 5 or more modules.