Ios – Attempt to present UIViewController on UIViewController whose view is not in the window hierarchy


Just started using Xcode 4.5 and I got this error in the console:

Warning: Attempt to present < finishViewController: 0x1e56e0a0 > on < ViewController: 0x1ec3e000> whose view is not in the window hierarchy!

The view is still being presented and everything in the app is working fine. Is this something new in iOS 6?

This is the code I'm using to change between views:

UIStoryboard *storyboard = self.storyboard;
finishViewController *finished = 
[storyboard instantiateViewControllerWithIdentifier:@"finishViewController"];

[self presentViewController:finished animated:NO completion:NULL];

Best Solution

Where are you calling this method from? I had an issue where I was attempting to present a modal view controller within the viewDidLoad method. The solution for me was to move this call to the viewDidAppear: method.

My presumption is that the view controller's view is not in the window's view hierarchy at the point that it has been loaded (when the viewDidLoad message is sent), but it is in the window hierarchy after it has been presented (when the viewDidAppear: message is sent).


If you do make a call to presentViewController:animated:completion: in the viewDidAppear: you may run into an issue whereby the modal view controller is always being presented whenever the view controller's view appears (which makes sense!) and so the modal view controller being presented will never go away...

Maybe this isn't the best place to present the modal view controller, or perhaps some additional state needs to be kept which allows the presenting view controller to decide whether or not it should present the modal view controller immediately.