Ios – Beta from Crashlytics fail to install build on testers’ devices


I'm sending my app to testers with Beta from Crashlytics which is an amazing tool to do app testing.

I had every new tester's device UDID registered in my developer account and then distribute a new build.

My testers got email invitation and accessed app's installation which could not be completed on their device.
They kept seeing an alert showing up with message:

Unable to download app – MyApp could not be installed at this time –
Done / Retry

Testers' testing status are "installed" in my Crashlytics dashboard but they're actually not able to finish installation.

Please help me find any possible factor causing this problem.

Best Solution

Perhaps the provisioning profile embedded in the build has been invalidated. Use Xcode to create a new archive, then use Fabric to upload a new build with that archive.


In my case, I had deleted the provisioning profile in the Apple Developer Member Center that had been embedded in each of my Fabric Beta builds. This caused the app testers had previously installed to immediately crash when they tried to launch it (embarrassing). It also caused the "Unable to download app - MyApp could not be installed at this time - Done / Retry" issue when testers tried to (re)install the app via Fabric Beta. Uploading a new build with my new provisioning profile embedded fixed the issue (each tester had to install the new build).

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