Ios – cocoapods don’t generate workspace


I'm quite New to ios and cocoapods.
I am using swift version. Everything is latest version including xcode, realm and cocoapods

I did it with dynamic linking and realised itunes don't accept the strips …so I try using cocoapods. I didn't remove the dynamic linking and followed the steps using cocoapods to install realm.

It generated the workspace file for me and the running keeps telling realm object can't be found though I have import realm.

So I decided to remove the previous dynamic linking and install cocoapods to start all over again.

Now cocoapods don't generate workspace for me.even a new project that I created.

I tried all the comments to remove pod, cocoapod and even clone the cocoapods etc but nothing works

Please help. Why it don't generate workspace for me anymore

I followed these steps but still don't work

Best Solution

Just copying from the comments: the answer was to specify use_frameworks! to the test target.