Ios – Equivalent to the Android’s ViewPager on iOS? Swipe/flip through pages of data


On Android there's neat way to browse between several pages of data with the same layout by using ViewPager and Fragments. User swipes left or right, and the pages change. There's only one view controller and one layout resource for all pages, but the data content changes when the user browses. There's also an animation effect to the swiping left and right where you can see the content of the next page is already loaded.

What is the equivalent to this on iOS?

Best Solution

Use a UIScrollView with the pagingEnabled property set to YES. Typically a UIPageControl is used along with it.

If you Google for "UIScrollView paging", you can find many tutorials and examples. Apple provides a PageControl sample program.

iOS doesn't provide any sort of adapter-like class, but here is a tutorial that explains how to implement "virtual pages" so that you don't have to instantiate all the pages at once:

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