Ios – Framework header file not found (iOS pop framework)


I'd like to install facebook's pop framework. I have a multi-project workspace which is not using cocoa pods. I want just the simplest, dumbest, quickest install.

From the pop readme:

"… you can add the project to your workspace and adopt the provided configuration files or manually copy the files under the pop subdirectory into your project. If installing manually, ensure the C++ standard library is also linked by including -lc++ to your project linker flags."

  1. I added pop.xcodeproj to my workspace.
  2. I added "pop.framework" to to
    the project that needs pop (general > linked frameworks and libraries).
  3. I added "-lc++" to my project linked flags (in the project that needs pop).
  4. Added #import <POP/POP.h> to my .m file.

The result: "POP/POP.h" not found.

I guess I'm doing something wrong, but absolutely no idea where to start looking.

Best Solution

I set the Built Setting of my project, then it worked.

User Header Search Paths = $(SRCROOT)       // recursive. Pop is placed in the directory
Always Search User Paths = YES
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