Ios – Get to UIViewController from UIView


Is there a built-in way to get from a UIView to its UIViewController? I know you can get from UIViewController to its UIView via [self view] but I was wondering if there is a reverse reference?

Best Solution

Using the example posted by Brock, I modified it so that it is a category of UIView instead UIViewController and made it recursive so that any subview can (hopefully) find the parent UIViewController.

@interface UIView (FindUIViewController)
- (UIViewController *) firstAvailableUIViewController;

@implementation UIView (FindUIViewController)
- (UIViewController *) firstAvailableUIViewController {
    UIResponder *responder = [self nextResponder];
    while (responder != nil) {
        if ([responder isKindOfClass:[UIViewController class]]) {
            return (UIViewController *)responder;
        responder = [responder nextResponder];
    return nil;


To use this code, add it into an new class file (I named mine "UIKitCategories") and remove the class data... copy the @interface into the header, and the @implementation into the .m file. Then in your project, #import "UIKitCategories.h" and use within the UIView code:

// from a UIView subclass... returns nil if UIViewController not available
UIViewController * myController = [self firstAvailableUIViewController];