Ios – good charting library for iPhone?


I have a need to render and display charts (bar charts for now, but more types may be needed later) in an iPhone app I'm working on. I've done some looking around and it doesn't look like there are any really good, mature charting libraries for iPhone yet. I've also looked for something written for Cocoa on the Mac that can be adapted, but haven't found anything great yet.

Anybody dealt with this before? Any recommendations?

I did find Core Plot, but it seems to be in the early stages of development.

Edit to add some details of requirements (as they currently stand 😉 )

  • Bar Charts
  • Horizontal bar charts
  • Double stacked bar charts
  • Axis labels (including rotated 90 degrees on the y axis)
  • Labels above each bar on the chart
  • Shaded or custom backgrounds

Best Solution

One of the many factors that motivated the Core Plot project was the lack of good plotting frameworks on the iPhone. Core Plot also encompases many other use cases including desktop systems, but its design has included iPhone support from the beginning. It's getting pretty close to useable and is currently in use in several shipping iPhone and OS X applications.

Edit 2/10

Core Plot has come a long way since I first posted the summary. The framework now has bar charts (including horizontal bar charts, I believe), axis labels (including aribrarty rotations), and fills and backgrounds for graphs. I'm not sure about stacked bar charts, but it wouldn't be hard to add to the CPBarPlot class that implements bar charts. As for annotations, there is a CPAnotation class which you could subclass to add your annotations, if there isn't the exact functionality you need.

Project on github.