Ios – How do we solve an AXSpeechAssetDownloader error on iOS


We have an iOS app that uses AVSpeechSynthesizer to speak. It works on the iPad and other devices – but we notice it is not working on our iPhone 6 Plus.

When examining the console output we see this error:

|AXSpeechAssetDownloader|error| ASAssetQuery error fetching results
Error Domain=ASError Code=21 "The operation couldn’t be completed.
(ASError error 21 – Unable to copy asset information)"
UserInfo=0x174a7e100 {NSDescription=Unable to copy asset information}

The device on which the app is running does have a network connection.

Any ideas how to even begin solving this?

Best Solution

I was having the same issue. I couldn't find any help, so, I had to debug it by trying various things.

What I found is that if you access Settings -> General -> Speech, and enable "Speak Selection" and muck about with the English voice, it will just start working for you.

Let me know if this helps.