Ios – How to change selected segment color in SwiftUI Segmented Picker


I want to set the selected segment color in a SwiftUI segmented picker and change the text color to white.

I have tried both using the modifiers for the picker view and modifying the tint color from the appearance proxy. None of them seem to work, unfortunately.

import SwiftUI

struct PickerView: View {

    @State var pickerSelection = 0

    init() {
        UISegmentedControl.appearance().tintColor =

    var body: some View {
        Picker(selection: $pickerSelection, label: Text("")) {

Is there any way to do this in SwiftUI, or should I just use the UISegmentedControl by using UIViewControllerRepresentable?

Best Solution

Native ( but limited )

SwiftUI is not currently supporting native SegmentedPicker styling (see the bottom of the answer for the working workaround). But there is a limited way to apply a color to the segmented picker using .colorMultiply() modifier:

enter image description here

Full control using UIAppearance

selectedSegmentTintColor is available since beta 3 for changing the color of the selected segment.

For changing the textColor, you should use setTitleTextAttributes for .selected state and .normal state (unselected).

So it will be like:

init() {
    UISegmentedControl.appearance().selectedSegmentTintColor = .blue
    UISegmentedControl.appearance().setTitleTextAttributes([.foregroundColor: UIColor.white], for: .selected)
    UISegmentedControl.appearance().setTitleTextAttributes([.foregroundColor:], for: .normal)

Segmented Controll

Also as mike mentioned, you can set the background color too like:

UISegmentedControl.appearance().backgroundColor = .yellow

Background demo

Also, don't forget you can set SwiftUI colors too! For example:

UISegmentedControl.appearance().selectedSegmentTintColor = UIColor(Color.accentColor)
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