Ios – How to check what is stored in the Core Data Database


I am making an app that relies on Core Data. I am able to enter data into a text field and store it.

But I need to know if the data is being stored.

I am trying to make a detailView to my tableView and I am not getting any results. Now I am wondering is that because I am doing something wrong with my code, or is the data nto being stored properly.

How can I see what is stored in the app's CoreData database?

Best Solution

Here is my solution(works on iOS 9):

I use an automator/bash script that open the database in sqllitebrowser. the script finds the latest installed app in the simulator. Instructions:

  1. Install DB Browser for SQLite (
  2. Create new workflow in Apple Automator.
  3. Drag "Run Shell script block" and paste this code:
cd ~/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/
cd `ls -t | head -n 1`/data/Containers/Data/Application 
cd `ls -t | head -n 1`/Documents
open -a DB\ Browser\ for\ SQLite ./YOUR_DATABASE_NAME.sqlite

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  1. (Optional) Convert this workflow to application, save it and drag it to your dock. To refresh the database just click on the app icon.