IOS: How to send an Image View back and front


In my storyboard I have a view on which I have an ImageView and a Button. The ImageView is currently covering my button and I would like to put the button over the ImageView. I found similar topics which were solved by going to "Editor" -> "Arrange" -> "Send to Front", however that was done for UIViews and this option is passive for ImageView and Buttons.

So how can I send my ImageView to background? Is the best solution for this to add an additional view only for the Button and then bring it to front?

Best Solution

You can rearrange your views on storyboard:

enter image description here

First view in order will be hidden by next view.

Maybe this options will be also useful for your running application:

myImageView.layer.zPosition = -5;
myImageView.layer.zPosition = 5;

Like in HTML/CSS.