Ios – In Xcode I see (no paired Apple Watch) even though the watch is paired and the watch’s UDID is registered


My phone is listed as an ineligible target in Xcode and out to the side it says (no paired Apple Watch).

My Apple Watch is registered under iOS Devices. I can see the UDID. The watch has watchOS 2.0 installed and my iPhone 6 has iOS 9 installed. The iPhone pairs just fine with the watch and I can install apps.

I've tried rebooting both the watch and the phone. I've tried rebooting Xcode. I tried creating a new scheme in Xcode but it still shows (no paired Apple Watch). I can choose Product/Destination and the app will show up on the phone, it just won't install the watch app…just sits there saying "Installing…".

Best Solution

I had paired my watch with a new phone and run in to this problem. I removed all files in ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/watchOS DeviceSupport/ and it solved it!