Ios – iTunes store operation failed: You are not authoried to use this service


I successfully submitted my app a few days ago and waited for a review, however I found a bug in my app later, therefore I rejected the submission and fixed it. But when I try to validate the app, Xcode shows me an error:

iTunes store operation failed: You are not authorized to use this service.

I also tried submit and export options, it shows the same error.

I googled it, someone else also met this error and posted it in stackoverflow, then tried the solution:

re-login -> quit Xcode -> open Xcode -> clean -> archive -> validate

it didn't work.


Xcode 6.1.1

The code signing identity in target's building settings is iOS Distribution as well as the one in project's building setting.

Best Solution

My Apple ID as a dev is different than my iTunes Connect Apple ID. I exported the archive to an iOS App and then used Application Loader to upload it using the ITC ID.