Ios – Missing CFBundleIconName in Xcode9 iOS11 app release


I'm struggling to release a new version of our app using Xcode 9 built with iOS 11 SDK. Archiving and uploading the binary goes well without any issue. The build appears in iTunes Connect under Activity as 'processing' and it gets disappear and I get the following email back.

Dear developer,

We have discovered one or more issues with your recent delivery for
"". To process your delivery, the following issues must be
corrected: Missing Info.plist value – A value for the Info.plist key
CFBundleIconName is missing in the bundle ''. Apps that
provide icons in the asset catalog must also provide this Info.plist
key. For more information see Once these
issues have been corrected, you can then redeliver the corrected
binary. Regards, The App Store team

The link gives some info about asset bundles. I tried setting a CFBundleIconName key to project name or an image file name and submitted the app again. However, I still get the same email as above.

Any suggestion of help would be highly appreciated.

Best Solution

I struggled with this all day and into the night trying every permutation I could think of and finally found this solution - hopefully this will save someone from going through this nightmare.

My app was not previously using an xcassets catalog so I had added one to the project when trying to address this issue by using File - New - File... and choosing an asset catalog from the types of files - I named it Assets.xcassets and chose it in the xcode project. Then right clicked in the area on the right and chose to add App Icons & Launch Images then New iOS App Icon and then in that I dragged my 1024x1024 image to the well for app store iOS 1024pt slot which you would think would have worked. but I still got rejected emails after archiving and submitting to the store.

Missing Info.plist value - A value for the Info.plist key CFBundleIconName is missing in the bundle. bla bla bla...

I also had added the key to the Info.plist for "Icon Name" which is also known by CFBundleIconName and set it to a string filename that matched my 1024x1024 image in the project. But none of that worked even though checking the IPA contents showed everything correctly in place.

finally I deleted the AppIcon from my catalog called Assets.xcassets so that it was empty and did the following to fix the issue:

Go to the main setting for the app by clicking your app name and then selecting the GENERAL tab then under App Icons and Launch Images section click the button beside App Icons source and choose to use an asset catalog - select the name of your asset catalog - mine was called Assets.xcassets - and say to convert (migrate) the app with the button on that popup - I also checked the box to convert launch images too - when you are done the App Icons Source and the Launch Images Source will have names in the dropdown list.

go to the asset catalog by clicking on it - again mine was Assets.xcassets and then click on the AppIcon section and drag your 1024x1024 image into the App Store iOS 1024pt well / slot. archive your app one last time and submit it to the app store - at that point hopefully won't get anymore emails from hell as I started calling them about rejection of your app and you can return to iTunesConnect to submit your app.

Good luck - I empathize with the pain you might be feeling with this mostly cryptic error when you have tried lots of reasonable fixes that just didn't pan out. Such is the life of a software engineer sometimes... ;)

if it was easy everyone would do it, right. ;)

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