Ios – “No such module ‘Alamofire'” won’t recognize framework


I am trying to add Alamofire to a new XCode project with Swift. I feel like I have tried everything.

Every time I try to add

import Alamofire

I get "No such module".

I have tried installing it as stated on,
I tried doing it manually first, then Carthage and Cocoapods, but with the same result.

I have tried deleting the DerivedData folder and rebuilding the project without any luck.

It is a completely clean install, yet it just won't recognize the framework. I have tried the suggestions in the first 10 Google searches and here on Stackoverflow (Cannot install Alamofire in new Xcode Project. "No Such module Alamofire") Here are some screenshots from my latest manual attemp:

General tap


Best Solution

Looks like you are using the module by directly dropping the source files into your project.

If that's the case, you don't have to use import Alamofire header or use Alamofire( dot ) in the beginning of every method.

Just use the code as below omitting Alamofire tag.

request(.GET, "")